Fun Fact - not a single battery has been reported faulty in last 12 years GLOBALLY!
Pros and Cons of Solar Energy Reading BYD- BATTERY BOX 3 minutes

BYD has developed a battery storage line, which is suitable for any application. While the modular LV and HV solutions fit any residential application, the commercial battery is suitable for big implementations.

We at AJAY INDUSTRIES are authorized PAN India distributor for BYD-Battery Box.

Features of BYD- Battery Box:

  • Backup and Hybrid

Off-grid or Hybrid applications and emergency power capability pose no problem for the Battery-Box. The high discharge capacity allows for operation disconnected from the electrical grid. Whether the project supplies power to a remote cabin or it is used as backup for sensitive loads, BYD has the right storage for you.

  • Self Consumption Optimization

Self consumption of renewable energy is the future. As renewable generation subsidies decrease around the world and electricity prices increase it becomes more economical to consume the energy you generate yourself.

  • Any Application

From single family home to commercial applications, if you can design it, you can use the Battery-Box to build it. As an installer you want to work with the same common building block but adapt it to the needs of your clients. You can even start small and add capacity at any time during the life of the product.

  • BYD’s LFP Batteries

The cobalt free Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery from BYD guarantees maximum safety, life cycle, and power. The robust chemistry and universal design can work in a wide range of temperatures and areas around the world.

How to calculate the BYD battery size for your project?

  • Every battery box consist of 1 BMS & 1 Base as constant.
  • Each battery module of HVS series has the capacity to storage 2.56kWh
  • Just calculate the number of units in kWh you want to store by analyzing the load consumption during night or backup time.
  • Select the number of battery module you need to install and place the order!

Service support:

  • 7 Years on-site replacement warranty
  • 15 Years linear performance warranty

Fun Fact - not a single battery has been reported faulty in last 12 years GLOBALLY!

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